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Published: 15th April 2011
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Cordless tools, not to be confused with wireless refer to power tools created without a cord. Created for portability, ease and efficiency in general they are now a must have on all building sites and garages. Starting out with the drill the range of power tools that have since exploded and practically every conceivable tool now has a cordless counterpart.

Usually powered in the form of a battery or battery pack which are typically rechargeable - with a supplied docking station.

Battery life is also improving with technology so as time goes on the length of time a power tool can be used for before needing to be recharged with continue to improve.

First developed by Robert Ridley Junior while working for Black & Decker, cordless tools were the next step in a power tools natural progression towards efficiency. The obvious benefit was portability, which saves time, which in turn saves money. Developed to solve problems with onsite power during the installation of aluminium windows, the first was introduced to the market in 1961 in the form of a Black & Decker Cordless Drill.

It's true that most cordless tools aren't quite as powerful as their corded counterparts. But in most cases you don't need full power in most situations and the cordless variety will be more than enough power - making up with the loss in power with added portability, being light and comfortable to use..

A main advantage to power tools being portable is safety for several reasons. You no longer have to worry about a cord be pulled on and pulling you off a ladder or higher surface, nor your child or other person being the one tripping over it. Another added safety advantage is the risk of electric shock; you don't have to worry about cords lying over or going near water or wet surfaces, not to mention having to muck around with power points and their distance/location. This can now be totally avoided.

Getting in and out of tight or high places will become much easier and less cumbersome.

In terms of price, when cordless tools first came out many years ago they were very expensive however now they are usually only slightly more expensive if they do cost more at all.


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